About Us

Echelon Tour is a bespoke road cycling tour company offering luxury tours throughout Germany and Austria. While not as famous of a destination as it’s neighbors to the south and west, Germany and Austria offer road cycling enthusiasts the best in terms of smooth tarmac, amazing scenery, challenging climbs, and luxuriously appointed hotels to ensure a fantastic cycling holiday. Echelon Tour sells standard tour packages which are open to groups up to 10 people in size. The tours are designed to balance the desire to ride hard while being able to experience the local culture, cuisine and sights, yet are still flexible to group dynamics. Echelon Tour can also customize any closed tour inside of Europe, or day ride in Bavaria to meet your discerning tastes.

The company started as a pet project after Jon Eichelberger, the founder and CRO (Chief Riding Officer) moved to Germany in 2010 to complete an MBA in the historic city of Leipzig.  A passionate cyclist, Jon recognized the opportunity and underutilization of Germany and Austria as cycling destinations for English speakers, primarily Americans and Canadians, traveling to Europe. He felt that more people should take advantage of the significant and well developed cycling infrastructure locals have been enjoying for years.

The project fully emerged while Jon was in Düsseldorf, a city on the Rhein. Due to its proximity to the North Sea, Düsseldorf is predominantly flat, and oftentimes, very windy. Riding in an echelon is commonplace to block the wind and ensure a smoother, easier ride for the group.  Hence the name, Echelon Tour. Our goal is to provide you the most amazing, memorable and comfortable cycling adventure.

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Here’s to sharing a wheel!