Unfortunately, here in Munich, winters are much better suited to skiing than cycling.  However, that doesn't stop us from getting in our winter training sessions to make sure that our spring and summer seasons are most enjoyable.  

Here at Echelon, we take winter training very seriously. Big ambitions require being prepared.  That doesn't have to mean being locked in a cave all winter, sweating it out to the sound of the turbo trainer and the latest Netflix release.

indoor cycling trainer

Of course we put our time in on the trainer, and apps like Zwift,  where we can participate in the occasional race or virtual group-ride, help to make these sessions bit less mundane.  

But we still prefer the road to the basement. cycling in the snow bavariaFortunately, sometimes the weather cooperates, and riding on dry roads with snow covered surroundings can be quite enjoyable!

Non-the-less, we love to take the time, and our bikes, to sunnier, destinations where we can eat up the distance and elevation, and stay warm!

cycling tour in Bali

For the last couple years we have planned winter training camps and tours in more tropical destinations, such as Gran Canaria, Tenerife, and even as far abroad as Bali.

Echelon cycling tour in Ubud, Bali

So here is to winter training and the challenges... or opportunities it presents.

Sweat boxes, Snowy fields, and Far flung adventures.

Keep on cycling!!

Your EchelonTour