It is a typical situation, your family is not as excited about your cycling passion as you are.  There is always the pressure to balance time on the bike with the needs, interests and activities your spouse and children have and enjoy. For a lot of us, it can often feel like a unnecessary sacrifice.

This becomes especially true when it comes to vacations, and how we spend our hard-earned time off versus how we wish we could spend our holidays. Our choices seem limited; spend quality time with the kids and forego the ride, or enjoy a ride and ignore the kids.

Fortunately, we don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Rather, you have to know how to create a holiday where the kids and spouse have the ability to enjoy, and want, time away from you so there is the freedom necessary for everyone to enjoy their vacation. Given this context, the hotel is key.

This can be a major hurdle for people.  Understanding what a hotel offers a family can be a time consuming and somewhat daunting task. A lot of times we make decisions that we end up regretting.

Rather than burning your retinas with late nights squinting at a computer monitor looking for the best deal, let Echelon plan this for you.  Not only are we experienced cycling guides, we also have quite a bit of hotel experience, and know the “Inns” and outs of the industry. We also have great connections in Germany and Austria, as well as in major cycling hubs like Mallorca and the Canary Islands, and can take care of these arrangements for you.

So save your time for the turbo trainer and another session on Zwift, and book your next family / cycling holiday with Echelon Tour.

This is a bespoke service we offer our clients, so please contact us  at directly for more information.