Sunrise ride in Bavaria

When people think “world class cycling destination”, images of Mallorca, the Pyrenese, and the rolling Tuscan hills acting as a bulkhead barrier to the Italian Riviera come to mind. Our holidays are hard earned, and most folks planning on spending several thousand Euro, Pounds, or Dollars on a cycling holiday would rarely have Bavaria at the top of their respective destination list. But in not doing so, they are missing out, and should seriously reconsider.

Of course the most popular destinations are the most popular, because naturally, they are fantastic places to ride. Both you and the tens-of-thousands of other you will be sharing your holidays with agree.

This is where the general obscurity of Bavaria allows it to figuratively shine above the others.  Of course, the sun is not always the most predictable (rain typically wins the battle of most likely weather guesses).  However, temperatures are almost always more moderate, the roads are as smooth as asphalt glass, there are very few cars, the cycling infrastructure is fully developed, it is drowning in spectacular scenery….. and of course, there is the beer!

Beer: a German espresso

Yes, an Italian cafe stop is second to none. But imagine deciding to suffer through only an adequate coffee, choosing to save some calories on a slightly less decadent pastry, and using those marginal gains as a down payment on a post-ride Hefeweizen!

Bavaria is truly a cyclist’s dream, assuming said cyclist prescribes to the Velominati’s 5th & 9th rules of cycling. The area has it all, rolling hills with short punchy climbs, long mountain climbs and descents, and plenty of difficult Strava KOM’s to go chase, if that’s your style. If not, long, leisurely rides to pristine mountain lakes for a short swim only to then return to your 5 star hotel for a quick massage and an aperitif rides, are just as abundant.

Riding along the Isar

If you’re interested in learning more, or simply want to explore some of what Bavaria has to offer, drop us a line, or book your tour now.

Here’s to holding a wheel!